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Adding a Log-on As Connection

After the first Salesforce connection has been added via a user with specific permissions to allow Provar to connect to your org, more connections can be added to represent standard user roles, e.g., SalesUser or ServiceUser. This is useful for testing from the perspective of a specific user group with their particular permissions. These additional connections do not require the same extended permissions as the first.

If additional connections are added using a Log-on as Connection, these users’ passwords and security tokens are not required. Using a Log-on as Connection is recommended for this reason.

To add a Log-on As Connection, repeat the steps Salesforce connection instructions. The only exception is in Step 4.

In Basic Settings, click Log-on As via an Admin connection. In Log-on As Connection, specify the admin connection previously added, then in Username, enter the new user’s username.

Then, repeat the other steps as defined in the Salesforce connection instructions.

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