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Skuid Testing

Provar now supports Skuid testing. Skuid is an AppExchange solution that provides tools to quickly create Salesforce pages with a custom user interface and greater functionality. Learn more at

Skuid testing is an interesting case because whenever changes are made to a Skuid page, this changes the XPaths, so automation test cases that use XPaths will need to be updated. This occurs with even minor page changes. For example, if we locate two fields on a page using XPaths, and, later, another field is added at the start of the page, the existing XPaths will no longer be accurate.

Another unique feature of Skuid testing is that Skuid has Tab Sets, which contain various tabs. To properly test all these tabs, we must manually switch between tabs and write additional steps to manage this.

Finally, Skuid also has master pages used to create child pages. These child pages have entire master pages with some additional content. XPaths must be rewritten for each page to test all these child pages.

Skuid Testing with Provar

Provar’s solution is to integrate with metadata so that any changes in the page can be detected and handled to ensure that existing test cases don’t break. Adding more fields or sections to a Skuid page does not break existing test steps.

In addition, users can author new test steps or test cases after the changes, and Provar will recognize the new changes automatically.

Provar automatically switches between tabs on a Skuid page without adding extra steps, making test cases shorter and easier to understand.

Finally, when testing child pages created from master pages, Provar automatically recognizes the child page through metadata and uses the information from its master page to test the child page.

As usual, metadata reload is needed after changes are made to the Org.

Skuid Testing Setup

To start testing a Skuid application, first Add your Salesforce Connection details in the usual way:

Image shows adding a Salesforce Connection in Provar to enable Skuid testing.

Skuid Test Case

You can create test cases and add test steps via the Test Builder.

Map Skuid pages as you would any average page:

Image shows mapping of a Skuid test in Provar.

Note that the page and fields have been recognized automatically as normal:

Image shows mapping pages and fields being recognized automatically.

From Provar Desktop, the test case shows that it has recognized the Skuid page automatically:

Image shows Skuid test in Provar Desktop.

Provar also supports the mapping of master and child pages.

An example master page:

example of Provar supporting mapping master page

In Provar Desktop:

screenshot of Skuid master page in Provar desktop

Example child page:

mapping Skuid child page

In Provar Desktop:

screenshot of Skuid child page in Provar desktop

Provar also supports the mapping of Skuid tables:

Image shows Provar mapping a Skuid table.

And in Provar Desktop:

Image shows Skuid table in Provar Desktop.

Provar also supports the mapping of lookup fields on Skuid pages. Note that the lookup is recognized automatically in the test step below:

Image shows Provar mapping a lookup on a Skuid page.

And in Provar Desktop:

Image shows Skuid lookup mapped in Provar Desktop.

Finally, Provar also automatically recognizes and maps summary fields:

In Provar Desktop:

Provar desktop automatically recognizes and maps summary fields in Skuid

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