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Using Hash Functions to Verify the Security of Provar Files

What is a hash function?

Hash functions can be used to verify the security of files that you download. For each new version of Provar, we will generate a string of alphanumeric characters that you can use to verify that you have an authentic file that hasn’t been corrupted during the download process.

How will I get the hash function?

You can access the hash function at You will need to log in to access this page.

How do I use the hash function to verify my Provar file download?

It varies slightly depending on the type of computer you are using. After you download the file (but before installing the new application), you must execute a quick command.

To do this, first open the command prompt. Navigate to the directory of the file you downloaded. Then, enter this function CertUtil, followed by the filename, the hash function provided by Provar, and the final executing command.

The command would look something like this.

For Windows

CertUtil -hashfile Provar_setup_v1.9.10.02_win_32.exe ba411cafee2f0f702572369da0b765e2 SHA256

For MacOSX

CertUtil -hashfile Provar_1.9.10.02_macos_signed.pkg ba411cafee2f0f702572369da0b765e2 MD5

For Linux

CertUtil -hashfile Provar_1.9.10.02_macos_signed.pkg ba411cafee2f0f702572369da0b765e2 MD5

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