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Reusing a Salesforce Connection

Typically when using a callable UI Test, the default will be for Provar to create a new browser session for a Salesforce connection step. If you would like to reuse the browser launched by the calling test, follow the steps below in reusing the Salesforce connection:

Steps in Reusing Salesforce Connection

Add a Test Case Parameter for the Override Connection field in the Salesforce connection test step.
Set the If already open option to Reuse the connection.

Note that a variable has been generated in the Override Connection field.

Drag the callable test into the calling test and specify the Override Connection.

Jenkins Callable Tests Without an Override Connection

When combining standard and callable test cases, you can specify if you want the combined tests to run using the same browser from end-to-end or multiple browsers.

When using Jenkins, if you don’t specify an override connection, the test will open up a new callable test case connection when transitioning to the new test. This also applies to continuous integration tools like Travis and Bamboo when reusing Salesforce connections.

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