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UI With Row

This test step is used to locate rows within a table. Once the table is located through a With Row, other sub-steps can be added underneath to perform operations on the table fields (e.g. a UI Action or a UI Assert).


UI With Row always occurs as a sub-step under a UI On Screen step. Both steps are added automatically when using the Test Builder. This is recommended as the fastest way to add this kind of Test Step, although it is also possible to use drag-and-drop from the Test Palette.

With Row Parameters

The screenshot below shows With Row parameters in use:

In this example, the table being located is an Account list view, and the row being located is the 6th row in the table.

The full parameter definitions are as follows:

  • Connection Name: The Connection is currently in use.
  • Table Type: The type of table (Salesforce Table or Page Object Row). This will be a Salesforce Table for any standard page, such as a list view, or Page Object Row for a Visualforce or non-Salesforce page
  • Table: The name of the table. The dropdown will be auto populated with a list of available tables on the current page (based on the On Screen parent step).
  • Row Locator: The specific row of the table that is to be tested. This could be a Row Number (as in the screenshot above) or a WHERE clause where the record is located based on defined criteria (e.g., AccountName = Provar Pic).
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