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Spring ‘24 Release 2

Executive Summary

We’re excited to announce the latest updates to the Provar product suite with our Spring ‘24 Release 2. This newest release is now available for installation via the Provar Success Portal. This release includes compatibility with the Salesforce Spring ‘24 release to keep your tests working as expected. 

Notice: Selenium 4 Upgrade

In the latest Provar Spring ‘24 Release 2, the Selenium and related dependencies have been upgraded to version 4.16.1. It provides enhanced test automation features, more reliable testing capabilities, and better-quality test scripts.

This upgrade may impact users using existing PageObjects, Page Operations, Custom APIs, or SSO Java files. If so, users could need to make minor adjustments to classes and functions after installing the latest Provar release. For more guidance and instructions on how to make these changes, please visit our help page.

Provar Automation Features

Highlight Panel Component Support

We’ve introduced support for independent mapping and testing capabilities for the highlight panel. The intention is to maintain the current scripts’ functionality, the test cases’ cleanliness, and the modifications’ compatibility with Salesforce’s Dynamic Actions feature. This enables users to create tests targeting the highlight panel with complete support for various field types and buttons and compatibility with standard and flexible pages. Find more information here.

Dynamic File Selection for API-Based Records

To improve the Template Editor component and enable changeable file paths, Provar now offers flexibility in file selection during API tests. This allows users to choose different files dynamically using local and global variables. When applicable, Content Assist also works in the template editor. 

Renamed Connections Reflected in Logs Using GUIDs

If a connection with a GUID is renamed, the execution works fine, but the logs are now reflected with a new name. The logs shown in the execution window are consistent with the GUID mechanism. If the connection has been renamed but the test case has not been updated, the logs will show the new connection name with an info message.

Dynamic Action Support

Provar allows users to map and perform Dynamic Actions, increasing the flexibility and efficiency of test case generation. Legacy scripts for action buttons (in the highlight panel) work properly when the action is changed to Dynamic Actions, so users do not have to recreate the scripts. Find more information here.

NitroX Editor/UI Changes

The NitroX UI has been modified to add an editor with capabilities related to page mapping/structure in Provar Automation. Users can launch the new editor in a new tab by double-clicking on the custom JSON (.po. JSON) files. The page structure is displayed in a tree-like fashion. Standard components, added to NitroX’s tree structure through the Test Builder, are shown alongside custom components, added by the ‘+’ symbol on a node.

Provar Automation Enhancements

Instrumentation License Type and Usage

To improve the deployment of instrumentation for collecting detailed data on license usage. The emphasis is on capturing license types, keys, timestamps, client information, usage times, and concurrency levels during ANT version job executions and Provar Automation logins. The purpose is to proactively identify and warn consumers about incorrect license usage as a preventative measure to ensure proper licensing.  When a user logs in to Provar Automation, the license type, license key, time, date, and customer are recorded. Instrumentation will return data about which license type was used for execution and which license type is used for Provar Automation or Provar Grid.

New Context Menu

We have upgraded the context menu according to the functionality and grouped various menu items.

Callable Test Step in Test Builder

Provar users can easily add a Callable Test Case to another Test Case as a Test Step after selecting a test case from a list of possible callable test cases. This update aims to make the Test Palette more efficient, removing the switch to Provar Studio requirement.

Collapsible Option Section

In Test Builder, the Options section in the Test step editor is now collapsible by default. The users can choose to expand the section and collapse it.

Renamed Connection Log as a Warning 

When there is an outdated connection name in use by a running test, Provar will highlight this in the test log as an orange warning message.

Metadata Process Improvement

The Org and Connection metadata processing has been analyzed and improved to shorten processing times and enhance Provar Automation performance. We have effectively boosted Quick Actions, Tabs Navigation, and Apps Navigation performance. These enhancements positively influence your test projects, which include up to 25% improvement in downloading metadata and loading the Org browser. 

In addition, we effectively addressed Provar Automation’s longer startup time. With the most recent release, it now loads up to 60% faster than before.

Undo and Redo Functionality

Provar has added Undo and Redo capabilities, as well as shortcuts, to the Java code editor. However, a known bug in the Page Object Editor causes Undo and Redo not to work as intended. A workaround was offered for the Page Object Editor.

GUID Status Detection

A project’s GUID status is now identifiable and reported via Provar (Yes/No). The reporting system allows cross-referencing data points to determine which customers have enabled GUIDs in their projects. Reporting is triggered for all project launch mechanisms, including ANT, ProvarDX, Jenkins, and Grid.

Provar Manager Features & Enhancements

With Provar Manager version 3.1.1, the following features and enhancements are now available:

  • Improved Quality Center performance.
  • Improved Apex Unit Test Coverage reporting.
  • Updated OpenAI models used for test case generation and RCA reporting.

New UI and Improved Apps 

We have improved the UI, apps, and permission sets for Release Management, Test Management, and Test Operations.

New UI Tools to Manage Test Suites

Users can now mass-select the test suites and test cases for any test plan schedule records, removing the hassle of adding them individually. The test suites and test cases can also be searched manually.

New Provar Manager API

With Provar Manager, you can get the status of any REST API requests and retrieve test results. You can also utilize the API to execute test jobs from external systems.

Email and Slack Alerts 

We have implemented an email and Slack notification system for Test Plan schedule jobs. Users can enable email notifications and enter recipient email addresses for each schedule. When a Test Plan schedule job is completed or failed, and the email notification option is enabled, an email is sent to the provided addresses to confirm the job’s status. Similarly, users can also opt to receive Slack alerts for the same, using a toggle to enable Slack Notifications.

Provar Grid Features & Enhancements

Support for Bitbucket Enterprise Server & Cloud

Customers with their own Enterprise Server or Cloud instances of Bitbucket will have their own BitBucket URL. Provar Manager now supports importing branches from these instances.

Support for Multi-environment Test Schedule Executions

By default, each branch test selected for execution in a Test Plan Schedule is assigned to a specific environment. If you would like to execute your tests against multiple or different environments, users now have the option to Override the Environment.

Users can then take their pick from the environments to run their tests against.

Selecting multiple environments will mean creating a ‘Test Plan Schedule Job’ for each environment.

This new feature allows users to configure tests against different environments, platforms, browsers, and browser versions from a single schedule.

Email and Slack Notifications for Test Plan Schedule jobs

A new ‘Alert’ feature has been added to Provar Manager for Test Plan Schedules. This also applies to Provar Grid jobs. Email notifications can be configured to be sent to a list of your chosen users on success or failure.

Alternatively, you can configure your alerts to trigger a Slack webhook, sending the job details to the chosen Slack channel.

Note: Once a user has upgraded their project to 2.12.2 or above, they cannot run tests on an older version of Provar, whether in Grid or locally, because the tests are no longer backwards compatible due to Selenium changes. To resolve this, users must remove all selenium plugins from the manifest file, beginning with org.seleniumhq. Grid users must ensure that any tests they create and run on Grid schedules must use version or lower (not 2.12.2).

Platform Updates

Browser Compatibility Updates

As part of our pre-release testing, we have confirmed that Automation v2.12.2 is compatible with Chrome version 123.

Why is this important?

Ensuring that Automation v2.12.2 includes ChromeDriver 123 and is compatible with Chrome 123 eliminates the risk of incompatibility issues, which could prevent test cases from working as expected.

How can I use this?

If you want to start using Chrome 123, we recommend upgrading to Provar Automation v2.12.2, which will use ChromeDriver 123 out of the box.

Automation will automatically attempt to download the correct ChromeDriver if it detects a driver exception. If your organization’s security protocols block the automatic download, you can manually override the ChromeDriver. 

To downgrade or revert the ChromeDriver, refer to this support article that explains how to use a ChromeDriver that differs from the one provided by default in your Provar Automation installation.

Browser and Driver Combinations Recommended for Provar Automation v2.12.2

Please refer to the Browser and Driver Recommendations support article for a comprehensive guide.  

Salesforce Jars Upgrade

We updated the revised jars following the Salesforce Spring ’24 Release (version 69.0) to use them in future releases. To accomplish this, we updated the necessary jars, added the new objects to the translation files, and removed the old unused Salesforce jars.

End of Life for TEE (Team Explorer Everywhere) Plugin Support

We have discontinued the support and use of the TEE plugin for Provar Automation. If the user updates to the new version of Provar that has TEE disabled, the TEE plugin is no longer installable and has no effect if TEE is already in use.

Note: The SVN, JIRA plugin, and Legacy Editors will be removed in future.

Provar Labs

The Provar Labs team is happy to announce that Provar Assistant is now available. Provar Assistant is an AI chatbot designed to provide instant support and real-time responses to your Provar-related questions. It’s your go-to resource for rapid access to useful product information, best practices, and troubleshooting advice.  Access Provar Assistant and log in with your Google or Success Portal. You may learn more about Provar Assistant here.

University of Provar 

The University of Provar is excited to announce an updated Provar Manager Essentials Certification. Check it out to familiarize yourself with the new Manager updates!

Customer Support

Providing ongoing support is our promise to you. If you have any questions regarding this release, please contact us anytime; we are happy to help. To get in touch, simply log in to the Provar Success Portal and select ‘Raise a Case,’ or reach out directly to your dedicated Customer Success Specialist. 

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