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If Test Step

This test step evaluates a boolean condition to determine which sub-steps will be executed. A different set of sub-steps can be defined for either result.

This test step is most useful when you need to execute certain steps based on the value of a variable, which is set dynamically during the test run. The variable is checked against the expected value, which returns either TRUE or FALSE as output.

Drag the If test step from the Test Palette into your test case.

Update the following parameters:

  • Condition: The IF condition to be evaluated, resulting in an output of TRUE or FALSE
  • Then: This is a grouping of sub-steps that should be executed only when the IF Condition evaluates to TRUE. This grouping is required and is added automatically under the IF step
  • Else: This is an optional grouping of sub-steps, which should be executed only when the IF Condition evaluates to FALSE. See below for how to add this clause

To add an Else clause to the If statement, right-click on the If test step and select the Add an Else Clause option:

Then, save the test case.

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