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Sauce Labs Mobile

Provar supports Sauce Labs mobile cloud testing from Provar version 1.9.8 onwards.

Note: As Sauce Labs previous support for TestObjects will end on 1st September 2021; Provar users must connect to Sauce Labs Real Devices to continue testing their mobile applications. For more information, please see Sauce Labs Real Device Testing.

Sauce Labs provides comprehensive mobile app testing using real devices, emulators and simulators. With thousands of real devices for Android and iOS, Sauce Labs supports test automation with popular automation frameworks such as Appium, Espresso and XCUITest. In addition, teams can automate native, hybrid and mobile web apps for complete coverage.

Configuring Sauce Labs in Provar

Before configuring a Sauce Labs Mobile App in Provar, you should have already sorted your Sauce Labs setup and have your Sauce Labs username, access token and factory class (if applicable). Refer to Sauce Labs’ documentation for more information on completing this setup in Sauce Labs.

Adding a Browser Provider

To begin configuring the Sauce Labs Mobile App in Provar, start by adding a new Browser Provider.

Navigate to the Test Settings view and click the Browser Providers tab. Then click the Add New (‘+’) button:

On the Add new Browser Provider screen, add a Provider Name and select the Sauce Labs Mobile radio button:

Add your Sauce Labs mobile server details to connect to Sauce Labs:

Once added, use the Test Connection button to verify the server details.

Adding a device

Next, add the devices that will be used by clicking the Add New (‘+’) button on the Devices section:

On the Add Sauce Labs Mobile Device page, add your device information, including Device Region and Platform. Provar provides support for both iOS and Android. Selecting one of these will alter the options in the subsequent dropdowns.

Device selection

Before selecting the Device, note that there are three radio buttons below Device which offer different Device availability types: All, Available and Private Cloud. These define how Provar should pick the Device.

These availability types have the following options:

  • If All is selected, the Device dropdown will default to ‘any’ but also offer specific devices for selection (regardless of whether they are currently available for testing)
  • If Available is selected, the Device dropdown will offer ‘any’ as well as devices that are currently available for testing.
  • If Private Cloud is selected, the Device dropdown will offer ‘any’ as well as any devices that you have reserved for testing on Sauce Labs.

If there are no available devices, we recommend selecting any so that Provar will automatically pick the device which is available at that moment.

Once you are happy with the device details provided, click OK.

Back on the Browser Provider details screen, click OK again to complete adding the new Browser Provider.

This should now be reflected on the Browser Providers tab:

Adding a mobile app

We can now add a new Mobile App for Sauce Labs mobile.

Still on the Test Settings view, click the Mobile Apps tab. Then click the Add New (‘+’) button:

Provide an App Name and then select the Sauce Labs Project Name. This dropdown shows all the projects (Application Capability Values) which are hosted on Sauce Labs.

Then click OK to finish adding the Mobile App.

Running tests on Sauce Labs

To start executing test cases, first select the new Web Browser which you created above:

To create a new Test Case using the setup above, create a new Test Case and select your Sauce Labs mobile application from the Salesforce Application dropdown:

Click the Finish button, then build your test case as usual.

Note that you can also run existing test cases by amending the Salesforce Application on the Connect step to reflect the mobile application where your Sauce Labs app settings are stored.

Once the test is ready to be run, use Run mode or Debug mode to execute it. (Currently Provar only supports these two modes for test execution on Sauce Labs.)

Progress can be monitored as usual in the Test Runner:

You can also review test execution on the Sauce Labs website by clicking on ‘Access Real Devices Automation’ in the Dashboard. This will navigate you to the Apps selection where you can view a more detailed execution for your application.

Clicking this will navigate to the Apps selection, where you can select your Application to view detailed execution:

Once you have clicked on the App, click on the Automated Testing panel and select Appium:

A live view of the test will then be prepared:

You can then watch the test running:

You can then select the test results you want to view:

Select the Appium execution for which you want to see the execution in detail:

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