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UI Action


It is best to add this test step through the Test Builder by mapping the element and selecting an Interaction Type such as Click or Set. This is recommended as the fastest way to add this kind of test step, although it is also possible to use drag-and-drop from the Test Palette.


Since UI Action test steps are generally created and populated through the Test Builder, the user does not need to know how to populate these fields from scratch. However, describing all the available parameters for editing and debugging is helpful.

The full UI Action parameters are as follows:

  • Control Type: The screen and element type. This will be the Salesforce Button or Field when on standard Salesforce screens, or Page Object Operation or Page Object Button or Field when on Visualforce or non-Salesforce pages
  • Screen Section: The section of the page layout where the Control is located
  • Control/Field: The field, button, or other test element on which the action is being performed
  • Action: The action to be performed, e.g., Set, Click, Activate Inline Edit, Check. A special Today Link is available for date fields, which inputs today’s date.
  • Value: The value to be added to a field (if a Set action is used). The Value could be static, e.g., Provar Plc, a variable, a function, or a combination of all three.
  • Tab off the field: Indicates whether Provar should press the tab after this Test Step is completed
  • Press Enter: Indicates whether Provar should press Enter after this Test Step is completed

Click Actions

Automation supports IE Click Method options to perform Click interaction on any field in the Internet Explorer browser. The following interactions are supported:

  • Click via Selenium
  • Click via JavaScript
  • Send Enter Key via Selenium
  • Send Space Key via Selenium
  • Send Click Event via JavaScript

Note that the Default option is for existing test steps.

The setting will be ignored if not running on IE browser. Test Runner logs will confirm the click method under IE.

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