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Integrating with Jira (via REST API)

During test case executions, it is very useful if the results are updated to a project management tool like Jira. Jira integration is primarily used to raise a bug if any test cases fail while executing in Automation. This automation removes manual tasks as much as possible.

In short, Automation’s integration with Jira allows you to easily capture and track the results of test cases and submit incident tickets directly in Jira. Automation integrates with Jira using the Jira REST endpoints. This is done by using the web services available in Provar.

Steps for integrating Jira (via REST API) in Automation

Step 1: Add a Jira connection.

Select Generic Web Service from the Connection Type drop-down menu to add a Jira connection.

Above: Adding a Jira connection in Automation.

Step 2: Add an authentication.

In the URL field, enter the Jira base URL. Select Authentication Type from the drop-down menu. 

Above: Adding the authentication.

Step 3: Test the connection.

Click Test Connection to check if the connection is successful.

Above: View of the Test Connection dialog box.

Step 4: Use the Jira connection in your test case. 

To use the Jira connection in your test case, use Web Connect and Web Request (REST) test step types from the Test Palette.

Above: Using a Jira connection in the test case.

Step 5: Pass the Jira connection in the Web Connect step.

Above: Pass the Jira connection. 

Step 6: Configure the Web Request (REST) test step.

In this example, we create a Jira ticket when a test case fails during execution. Please refer to the Atlassian documentation for more information.

Above: Configuring a Web Request. 

If the integration is successful, the following screenshot provides an example of a Jira response in Provar.

Above: An example of a Jira response in Automation.

Note: You can use a Jira plugin in Automation to monitor, add, and update Jira from Automation. For more information about using a Jira plugin, please refer to Jira.

For more information, check out this course on University of Provar.

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