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Internationalization Support

Automation supports internationalization testing of Salesforce, i.e., the end-user testing of Salesforce in languages other than English.

If your company operates across the globe and your teams take advantage of Salesforce’s native ability to switch the UI to their preferred language of choice, you must be able to test your business-critical processes for every language. 

Simplify multi-language testing with reusable, compatible tests

With Provar internationalization testing, you can avoid the complexities of building and maintaining separate regression tests in different languages. With Automation, your QA teams can create a single, reusable test in Salesforce in their native language and automate that same test across other languages, too. 

Instead of pushing out a new release and waiting for a call to learn about inadvertent impacts, you can create a library of tests that work for Automation and Salesforce-supported languages, including English, Danish, Dutch, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Swedish and Japanese (Beta).

To test Salesforce in a different language, simply follow the normal process of mapping test steps in the Test Builder. Automation will detect the language automatically and map test steps as usual.

In the example below, Automation is testing Salesforce in Danish.

The following test step illustrates mapping a new Opportunity.

You can see that the page and fields have been recognized automatically with both their Danish labels and their English translations.

In Automation, the above test steps appear as follows:

Note: Automation’s syntax is in English as usual, but some elements retain the language they were displayed in in the UI.

The test above displays as follows when run in the Test Runner:

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