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OAuth 2.0 Configuration for MS Exchange

This support article provides instructions for configuring EMS Exchange Integration Web Service (EIWS) to access 365 mailboxes using OAuth with Microsoft Exchange Web Services.

Until now, Provar had been using basic authentication for Microsoft Exchange Web Service (EWS). Provar users can now access Microsoft Emails using OAuth 2.0 using Microsoft (EWS) by creating a new connection or updating an existing connection. And they can use Send, Subscribe, and Receive Message Test APIs with Microsoft Exchange for emails.

Provar Application registration in Azure Active Directory (AD)

To register an application in Azure AD:

  1. Log into with the appropriate admin account.
  2. Click Azure Active Directory in the menu.
  3. Under the Manage section, click App Registrations.

  1. Click New Registration.
  2. In the Name field, enter a name to register the new application.
  3. Set Supported account types as appropriate.

  1. Click Register.

The Provar Application is registered. 

Configure permissions in Azure Active Directory

To configure permissions in the Azure Active Directory:

1. In App registrations, select the application registered in the previous section.

2. Under Manage, click API Permissions.

3. Click Add a permission.

4. Under my organization’s APIs, type “office” in the search box and select Office 365 Exchange Online.

5. Under Applications permissions, select full_access_as_app (Application) and EWS.AccessAsUser.ALL (Delegated).
If you previously created an application for Exchange-to-EMS Synchronization for EMS for Microsoft Exchange (formerly Exchange Room Integration), you can add the full_access_as_app and EWS.Access.AsUser.ALL permission to your existing application.

6. Click Done.

7. Under Grant Consent, select Grant admin consent for (your domain here).

8. Select Yes. The permissions are displayed in a list.

9. Under Manage, click Certificates & secrets.

10. Select New Client Secret.  In the Expire field, select an appropriate expiration duration. Click Save

11. A value is displayed. Copy this value and make a note since this is the only time this value is displayed.

12. From the Overview section, copy the Application ID and Tenant ID to add to the EMS configuration.

13. To get the Redirect URI, click on Redirect URIs, as shown in the above screenshot.

14. Click Add a Platform.

15. Select Web from the Web Application section.

16. Enter the Redirect URI e.g.

18. Click Configure. The screenshot given below shows the Redirect URI. 


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