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Best practices for the .provarCaches folder

The .provarCaches folder gets generated when you execute Provar test cases using ANT.

The location of this folder depends on the value of the attribute provarCachePath which is present inside your build.xml file.

This .provarCaches contains the metadata which gets downloaded during your ANT execution.

Here are some best practices that Provar recommends for .provarCaches:

  1. Do not keep this file within your project root directory as it may lead to performance and metadata errors.
  2. Do not push this folder on to your remote repository until you have to explicitly reuse this cache folder.
  3. Just like the .metadata folder, it is advisable to keep your .provarCaches folder up to date so you have the latest execution logs and workings.
  4. Provar utilizes the .provarCaches folder based on the attribute value of “salesforceMetaCache” within your build.xml.

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