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How to Upload Test Plans, Test Plan Folders, Test Plan Instances, and Test Cases in Provar Manager


To work with Provar Manager integration, users must have Test Plans (Test Plan Folders > Test Instance > Test Case) created before uploading or reporting execution to the Provar Manager.

In this section, you will learn how to upload Test Plans, Test Plan Folders, Test Plan Instances, and Test Cases in Provar Manager, and you will also learn about the parent-child hierarchy.

To upload a Test Plan from Provar to Provar Manager, right-click on the Test Plan (i.e., the test object) and click Upload to PM

Note: When you upload a Test Plan in Provar Manager, all the corresponding test objects in the Test Plan (i.e. Test Plan Folder, Test Instance, and Test Case) will also be uploaded to the Provar Manager. You can upload (create/update), link, and unlink these as required. For more information, see the below section Understanding the Parent-Child Hierarchy.

Understanding the Parent-Child Hierarchy

There is a parent-child hierarchy in the test objects. You can take advantage of the tree structure. For example, if you want to upload the Test Plan, then all the contents of the Test Plan are also uploaded. So, you just have to select the Test Plan, and Provar will automatically select all the contents of the Test Plan, you don’t need to select the contents individually.

Above: Image showing the tree structure hierarchy of a Test Plan.

Note: If you select any single test object, then Provar will automatically select its child as well as the parent. Provar automatically creates the hierarchy and reduces any chances of an error.

For example, if you just want to upload a single test case, then you can select it, and Provar will automatically select its parent as well as its child. So, even if you select AY Folder 2, Provar will automatically select AY Plan 1, and you can upload or update it in Provar Manager.

Screenshot of uploading a test in Integrating with Provar Manager

Above: Screenshot displaying the hierarchy. Selecting a test case and Provar automatically selects the parent and child test objects.

Note: Hierarchy is only for the Test Plans. Environments are independent of hierarchy as well as of each other. So, you have to select the environments individually as they are not connected to each other. For example, DEV and UAT environments are different and must be selected individually only.

Above: Selecting DEV and UAT environments separately.

The Upload to Provar Manager dialog provides the users with the ability to associate Provar Test Files to Provar Manager as listed below:

  • Creating a new object in Provar Manager from a Provar Test Object via upload.
  • Linking an existing Provar Manager object to a Provar Test Object via the “link” action.
  • Unlinking an associated Provar Test Object from Test Manager via the “unlink“ action.

Additional usability capabilities are also available to filter and identify when Provar Test Objects are matched, not matched, and could be inferred as a match based on the matching criteria.

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