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Team Foundation Server

Team Foundation Server (commonly abbreviated to TFS) is a Microsoft product that provides source code management (either with Team Foundation Version Control or Git), reporting, requirements management, project management (for both agile software development and waterfall teams), automated builds, lab management, testing and release management capabilities.

Team Foundation Server (TFS) is the on-premise version of the cloud service VSTS. Just like VSTS, TFS provides an integrated set of features that you access through your web browser or a supported IDE, including:

  • Git repositories for source control of your code
  • Build and release management to support continuous integration and delivery of your apps
  • Agile tools to support planning and tracking your work, code defects, and issues using Kanban and Scrum methods
  • A variety of tools to test your apps, including manual/exploratory testing, load testing, and continuous testing
  • Highly customizable dashboards for sharing progress and trends

To provide support of these feature of TFS we have added plug-in in Provar. We can import/export Project from and to TFS and commit our work to TFS once work is completed.

Enabling the TFS plugin

When using the TFS plugin for the first time, or after updating to a new version of Provar, the plugin must be enabled in your Provar instance.

First ensure you are running Provar as an administrator.

In Windows this is done by right-clicking on provar.exe and selecting Run as administrator:

On a Mac this is done by opening the Terminal, running sudo /Applications/ then entering the Admin password:

Then go to the toolbar in Provar and click Help > Add/Remove Features:

Tick the checkbox against the TEE plugin:

Then click the Install button.

The following dialog box will appear:

Click OK. The plugin options will become available for use after a restart.

Importing a test project from TFS

To import a Test Project from your TFS Repository, from the Provar welcome screen, click on the link Import from Source Control:

Then choose the option Import from TFS:

You then will be asked to read and accept the TFS license agreement:

Once you have done this, tick the checkbox and click Next.

The following Server Selection screen will appear:

Select Connect to a Team foundation Server or Team Services account then click the Servers button:

Add your server details inthe dialog which appears:

You will be asked to authenticate:

Confirm that the details have been added correctly and then click the Close button:

Then on the Server Selection screen, click Next:

On the next screen, you will be asked to select your project:

Select this and click Next.

On the next screen, select your project and click Next:

Confirm the details on the next screen and click Next again:

Review the confirmation on the next screen and then click Finish:

You will then be prompted to enter your secure storage password. If you have one, enter it and click OK, otherwise click Cancel:

The Project will now be loaded into Provar and visible through Navigator:

You can also access it through the Team Explorer view:

If you do not have the Team Explorer view open already, you can open it and the Builds view by navigating to Show Views > TEE > Team Explorer:

Exporting a test project to TFS

To export your test Project to the TFS Server, navigate to the Team Explorer view (see immediately above for instructions).

Once this is open, select the option Connect to Team Services or a Team Foundation Server:

On Server Selection, select Connect to a Team Foundation Server or Team Services account, then provide the TFS server details:

Then click Next.

On the next screen, select your project. Then click the Finish button:

Once the TFS Server is connected it will appear as follows:

To export your project to the TFS Server, go to the Navigator and right-click on the project:

Select Team > Share Project…

Then select your project and click Next:

Select your project path folder and click Next:

Then review the confirmation and click Finish:

The successfully imported project will be shown with a tick in the Navigator:

Checking in and checking out

You can check in project changes from the Team Explorer view or from the Navigator.

To check in changes from the Team Explorer view, click the Check In button:

Or to check in changes from the Navigator, right-click on the project, then select Team > Check In Pending Changes…

You will be asked to confirm what files you want to check in:

Then add any comments and click the Check In button to confirm.

You can perform many other operations from the Navigator in a similar way, such as Check Out, Get Latest Version and Undo Pending Changes:

Searching and creating work items

From the Team Explorer view, you can also search Work Items or create new ones:

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