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The Best Ways to Change Callable Test Case Locations

Scenario: There are two ways to move Provar’s callable test cases from folder A to folder B if they are currently in folder A.

  1. The callable test cases from folder A to folder B might be copied and pasted, correspondingly.
  2. Alternatively, the callable test case might be tried to be moved from folder A to folder B.

Provar consistently suggests selecting the second choice while moving.


In the context of Provar, a unique ID found in every callable test is referred to as a registry ID. If we opened the callable test case in text editor mode (right-click on any test case, select Open With, and then select Text Editor), we could see this registry ID.

This registry ID is used as a reference for calling test cases.

As it is not feasible to have two callables in our Provar project with identical IDs, Provar removes the registry ID attribute from the XML of the newly cloned test case if we choose option 1 for location changes.

For this reason, moving the test case from folder A to folder B—Option 2—is always advised. To accomplish it, take the following actions:

  1. Choose every test case that has to be relocated.
  2. Select the test cases by doing a right-click and choosing the “Move” option.



3. Click OK after making your selection for the folder where you wish to relocate the test cases.


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