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Creating an XPath

Automation has an XPath Editor to make it easier to generate a reliable XPath for any custom field. This editor helps create an optimized XPath by auto-populating options for the user, offering alternatives where available, and giving instantaneous feedback in the browser window. This editor is available in the Test Builder whenever a field is mapped, and an XPath option is available.

This example shows mapping non-Salesforce fields.

Opening the ProvarX Editor

Start by mapping the field as normal. The Test Builder will present a draft test step with the Field Locator section set to ProvarX:

Using the ProvarX Editor

Within the ProvarX editor itself, there is a list of qualifier attributes that correspond to the available entry:

These qualifier attributes contain all the attributes for the node that the cursor is focused on:

We can add more attributes to the populated Xpath from the Add another dropdown in the editor, as below:

Once selected, the attribute will appear in the editor’s list of attributes to set a value.

Troubleshooting XPaths

If the XPath doesn’t match any elements, an error is shown below. The qualifiers remain editable, so the XPath can be updated to match an element.

If the XPath is invalid, an invalid error will be shown, and the qualifier attributes will be hidden from editing until the XPath is fixed:

Sometimes, the XPath editor will present a warning, for example, if the XPath matches more than one element on the page. In this case, the warning is shown in the editor, but the step can still be added to the test if wanted.

In some cases, a Failed to parse XPath warning may appear. If this happens, the qualifier attributes are hidden until the issue is resolved. If you are unsure how to resolve the issue, file a case via the support portal.

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