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Searching Provar with Find Usages

You can now search Automation to find out where a Page Object, a Custom API, a Callable test or a Connection is in use, using the Find Usages feature. This feature is helpful for checking whether a given element is being used and, if so, which test cases are using it.

In the example below, a change has been made to a Callable test, and we can use Find Usages to identify which test cases may now need to be retested.

To use Find usages, right-click on the Callable test and select Find Usages:

This will pop a new view displaying your Search results. This will typically appear in the bottom-right corner of Provar, next to the Variables view and Org Browsers (assuming you are using the default perspective).

The Search view will show any test cases that are using the Callable test we searched on:

Follow the same process to check usages of a Page Object, Custom API, or Connection.

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