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Provar AArch64 Mac Installer

When using Provar’s regular Mac installer on Apple silicon-based machines equipped with M1 or M2 chips, some users experienced severe performance issues during test case execution and mapping. 

New Installer

We have introduced the new AArch64 Mac installer to resolve the issue, specifically designed for the ARM 64-bit architecture. This installer includes Arm64 Java and Chromedriver. This provides significant performance improvements for Apple silicon-based Mac machines and enhances the mapping and execution performance. 


Please make sure the following actions are completed before installing the Aarch64 Mac installer:

  • Delete the existing .chromeDriver folder from the user home directory and project lib folder
  • Clear the Provar configuration folder
  • Verify that you have arm64 java installed for CLI (ANT/Dx) execution
  • If applicable, Salesforce CLI needs to be re-installed to arm64


Using the new installer, users can expect significant improvements in performance during test mapping and execution. This is designed to enhance Provar’s compatibility with the latest Mac silicon chips and provide a seamless testing experience on Mac devices. It will not affect any existing functionality.

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