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Test Cycles

A Test Cycle is a defined collection of test case executions that are reported on collectively. This feature is helpful for getting a clean report from a test suite execution wherein some test cases may fail in the first few attempts but will pass after minor tweaks.

A Test Cycle can be used:

  • To automatically pick up only failed test cases and execute them
  • To create a consolidated report against the latest version of a Test Cycle execution in which all test cases have passed

Follow the steps below to configure a Test Cycle.

Adding a new Test Cycle

Locate the Test Cycle tab in the Test Settings view. This tab allows Test Cycles to be added, edited, removed and reported on.

Select the + symbol to add a new Test Cycle.

Enter the Test Cycle Name and the Folder Name in which the reports and test case artifacts should be stored:

Selecting a Test Cycle during execution

In the Menubar, select the Test Cycle you would like to register your test executions against:

Once this is chosen, Provar will export the results of an execution in the Test Cycle Folder.

Note that it will preserve the folder structure of the tests.

Creating ANT task for Test Cycle

From the Navigator view, right-click on any test case and select Run under ANT.

A dialog box will open with Test Cycle tab. Select the Test Cycle that you have created and times it should be rerun:

Click Run to start execution through ANT.

Creating a PDF report

From the Test Cycle tab in Test Settings, select the PDF icon.

Choose the Test Cycle you would like to report against:

Skipped test cases Included in Test Cycle report

Skipped test cases are also displayed in test cycle reports. In earlier versions, test cases were removed from Test cycle PDF and HTML reports if they were skipped due to the failure of an earlier test case (by the Stop Test Run on Error feature). These skipped test cases will now be included in the reports by default.

Note: Disabled test cases are not included and will still not be shown in test cycle reports.

Re-running failed and skipped test cases

Test Cycles also have a Run Type option for running failed and skipped test cases.

This can be selected from the Test Cycle tab:

Email Test Cycle Report

You can also email the test cycle report by completing the steps found above, and clicking the Email tab, as shown below:

You will then click “Email the Test Cycle Report” and select the configuration needed.

If you’d like to email a report from a locally run test case, follow these steps:

  1. Select the test cycle you’ve created.
  2. Select the pdf option to export the test cycle.
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