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Working with the .testProject file and .secrets file

Every Provar project has two important files: the .testproject and .secrets.

.testproject – This file contains all your connection usernames, global variables, environment variables, browser configuration, browser provider, etc.

.secrets – secrets file contains all your passwords, security tokens, consumer secrets, and so on.

Provar uses these files at the time of any process, wherever they are required.

So it is important to keep these files updated.

Any change that you make within these files without using Provar UI elements will not be reflected back in Provar UI elements directly. You need to give Provar a restart to see the changes.


Let’s say you have made a simple UI connection to Google in Provar that takes only the URL ( After this connection is made, these details will be saved in the .testproject file, and it will look like this:

If the URL is changed manually in the .testproject file, it will not reflect back in the Connections Tab.

So to summarize, changing things in .testproject or .secrets using non-UI elements of Provar will not be directly reflected back to the UI elements.

For that, Provar needs a restart to show the changes.

Changes made by non-Ui elements include:

1. Manually changing things
2. Getting a git pull results in file changes.
3. Edited outside of Provar while Provar is open.

To follow the best practices, the user always needs to restart Provar after .secrets or .testproject gets changed, other than the UI elements of Provar.

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