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Uploading Existing Manual Test Cases to Provar Manager with DataLoader.Io

Provar Manager – Test Case Migration

  1. How to import manual test cases (like .csv format) into PM
  2. How to import test cases from an existing test management solution

Preparing CSVs as Per Provar Manager Object

Prepare CSV sheets as per data required in Provar Manager for a specific object (Test Case, Test Step etc.)

For example :
If Existing Test Cases has to be uploaded to Provar Manager, than create a CSV file, define columns in it and add data accordingly.

Provar Manager Test Case object

Sample CSV, with data filled (as per the data required for Provar Manager Test Case object)

Note : Column Names in CSV can be different from the fields in object

Creating Task In

  • Login to, with salesforce instance where data needs to be downloaded
  • Go to NewTask & Select import
  • Select the respective Provar Manager Object (eg: TestCase) & click Next
  • Upload the CSV file for data
  • Map the Source Header (CSV columns) with respective Salesforce field
  • Choose Save & Run

Once the Data loader job is executed, data will be uploaded and same can be verified in Salesforce.

For more information, check out this course on University of Provar.

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