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Creating Test Cases

A test case is a collection of test steps representing a given use case. When you execute a test case, all test steps are executed sequentially. Test cases are stored with the file extension .testcase in the test project’s tests folder.

Creating a new test case

To create a new test case, start by selecting New Test Case from the menu bar or File in the top left-hand corner of Provar Desktop.

Provar will present a wizard to help create the new test case.

Choose the Salesforce connection you want and select the Salesforce Application.

If you want to add UI test steps with the Test Builder, leave the Launch Test Builder Session checkbox ticked. This will log you into Salesforce automatically using the Connection and Salesforce Application you selected.

Then click the Finish button.

Adding test steps

Once you’ve created your test case, you can add test steps. You can do this via the Salesforce UI with the Test Builder (launched from the New Test Case screen above or by clicking the Test Builder icon at the top of Automation):

Alternatively, you can add a Salesforce API test step to set up some test data or use one of Automation’s many test steps to perform other tasks.

For more information, check out this course on University of Provar.

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