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Refresh and Recompile

Within Automation, the Refresh and Recompile feature refreshes the project and compiles page objects, custom APIs and Java files that are available in the project. This feature is designed to help you identify the most recent update performed in page objects and custom APIs within the test case.  

The following includes suggested use cases for using the Refresh and Recompile feature.

  • If you have multiple page object files
  • If you see an Unknown Control error message within the test step parameters display 
  • If class files are missing from the project/bin folder. Class files are auto-generated. 

How can I use this feature?

There are two ways in which the Refresh and Recompile feature is executed in Provar. Provar will automatically trigger this if any page object/custom API file is created or edited.

You can also manually trigger the Refresh and Recompile feature if you see the error message below. The following includes instructions:

Step 1: Within the navigation bar at the top of your display, click Tools. 

Step 2: Select Refresh and Recompile from the drop-down menu. 

Image showing the Unknown Control error message when selecting Refresh and Recompile

Above: View of Unknown Control error message. 

Above: View of Refresh and Recompile within the Tools drop-down menu. 

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