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Resolving Metadata Timeout Errors

This page describes how to resolve metadata timeout exceptions.

If your organization is massive and has an extremely high volume of metadata, you may encounter the following metadata timeout error: Your Org metadata failed to download within the timeout period.

Should you encounter this exception, you can increase the time that the request waits to complete by adding a new parameter to the Provar.ini file with a defined value of your choosing:


The number you provide here (2000000 in this example) is the maximum number of milliseconds the request should wait to complete. You can adjust this value as preferred. Automation’s default maximum request wait time is 1800000 milliseconds (30 minutes), so the number you add should be higher than this.

We also recommend increasing the number of polls. If you do not increase the number of polls, you may see a log message such as:

!MESSAGE Waiting for Salesforce metadata. Request Id: xxxxx, attempt 5 of 50, xxxxxx

To change the number of polls, add the following parameter to the Provar.ini file with a defined value of your choosing:


Automation’s default poll number is 50, so you should add more than this.

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