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Provar Manager Test Coverage

Test coverage helps monitor the quality of testing, and assists testers to create tests that cover areas that are missing or not validated.

User Story Coverage

Above: Snapshot of the User Story Coverage report.

The User Story Coverage report lists all Jira Issues and whether or not they have test cases associated. This report can help you identify which user stories are missing test cases that validate their acceptance criteria.

Requirements Traceability Matrix

Above: Snapshot of the Requirements Traceability Matrix report.

The Requirements Traceability Matrix report lists all the Jira Issues and the test cases associated with them.

Risk Coverage

Above: Snapshot of the Risk Coverage report.

The Risk Coverage report lists all the identified risks on each test plan and whether there are test cases associated with each risk. This report can help identify those risks missing test cases that make sure the mitigation plan is working as expected.

Risk Coverage Matrix

Above: Snapshot of the Risk Coverage Matrix report.

The Risk Coverage Matrix report shows all the test plan risks and the test cases associated with each.

Code Coverage

Code coverage can be used to understand how much of the code is being tested, but it doesn’t measure how thorough or adequate those tests are.

Still, it can help your team progress toward a more thorough test suite, and highlight trouble spots requiring more attention (e.g. new code introduced but not covered, or coverage % dropping after a deployment).

Provar Manager can be used to monitor Salesforce Apex code coverage across multiple orgs. Follow the below instructions to set it up.

  1. Go to a System record of type “Salesforce”, or create a new one.
  2. Make sure Provar Manager is connected to the Salesforce org (see Test Environment Setup > Salesforce System Setup).
  3. Click on the “Coverage” tab.

Scheduling Coverage Reports

To schedule coverage reports to run regularly, create a Coverage Report Schedule record from the System record page (see above instructions).

Once the Coverage Report Schedule Status is set to “Active”, Provar Manager will regularly create a Coverage Report record under the selected System as per the schedule settings.

Analysing Coverage Reports

Above: Snapshot of a Coverage Report record.

Each Coverage Report record shows the number of components reported, and the individual coverage of each component.

By clicking on an individual component, you can see its coverage evolution over time and the test cases related to that component.

Teams can easily see if there were drops in coverage at a particular point in time, or if the coverage % is lower than the permitted threshold.

Above: Snapshot of a Metadata Component Coverage chart.

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