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Use this function when you need to modify or parameterize a body of text.

FormatStringReplace(SourceString, FindString, ReplaceString)


{StringReplace("Dear Customer", "Customer", CustomerName)}– Where CustomerName is a Variable, e.g. “Dear David”

{StringReplace(Template, "TODAYSDATE", TODAY)}– Where Template is a file from the file system with the text “Today is TODAYSDATE”, e.g., Today is 2015-01-16


Want to learn more about using this function in Provar? You can use the following sample test case to get started. Right-click to download StringReplace.testcase and then drag and drop the test case into the test folder within the Navigator panel of Provar.

Note: Unzip/extract the compressed file before using it in Provar.

For more information, check out this course on University of Provar.

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