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Docker Continuous Integration

Do you use Docker Continuous Integration to package up code more efficiently during your development lifecycle?

Good news! You can use Provar to test those containers to deploy new releases more quickly.

The following describes how to set up Provar to run tests in a Docker container and how to troubleshoot common issues with setup. These steps can be applied to any machine that has a Docker installation.

Note: This setup assumes that you already have an existing Provar installation in your local environment and have Provar tests currently built.

It’s also worth noting that this setup (besides generating a build.xml file) could also be performed on a machine that does not have Provar installed. In this case, however, it is recommended that you generate a build.xml file first and have access to the git repository where the Provar files are checked in.

For this particular guide, a Windows 10 machine is used as an example, with Provar installed locally and a project already created.

Let’s get started!

Prerequisites in Docker Continuous Integration

  1. A machine with an installation of Provar (if you are generating a new build.xml)
  2. Provar ANT zip files.
  3. A Provar project with at least one test case.
  4. (Optional) Version Control System already set up.
  5. (Optional) Continuous Integration Tool set up with VCS.

Guide to Installing Docker

For the installation of Docker, please refer to their website documentation. Depending on the target OS, you can follow these links to install Docker:

Mac OS






Requesting a Docker File

To request the Docker file, please log in to the Provar Community and click View/Raise Case to submit your request, and a consultant will contact you shortly.

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