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Uploading 3rd-Party Test Results

This section will explain how to import test results from other tools into Provar Manager into JUnit or TestNG format.

You can use the assistant on the Test Cycle record or the API.

Option 1: Assistant on a Test Cycle

Follow these steps to use the assistant:

  1. Create a Test Cycle record to capture the test results.
  2. Open the test cycle record and click the Upload Test Results button.
  1. Select a tester, the format of the test results (e.g., JUnit), and the missing test case strategy (i.e., what to do when processing test cases that don’t exist in Provar Manager).
  2. Click the Next button.
  3. Select and upload the file in the selected format containing the test results.
  4. Click the Next button again.
  5. Click Finish.

You can check the job’s progress that processes the results by going to the External Test Results section and opening the Test Results Processing Job record created after finishing the assistant steps.

Once the processing job is finished, if there are errors, you can see them in the job record. Otherwise, you will find the generated Test Executions records in the Test Executions section.

Option 2: Through API

If you want to import test results via API, you will do the same thing as explained. You will create the Test Cycle record first, then the Test Results Processing record, and then upload the file. Afterward, set the Status as Ready, and it will be processed.

For more information, check out this course on University of Provar.

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