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Proxy Execution

Defining proxy entries for execution on server

Provar provides an in-built feature to add Proxy entries as network setting to manage Proxy entries and PAC. Refer to Defining Proxy Settings for information on setting this up.

When the execution needs to be installed on an environment where Provar is not installed, you will need to define proxy information in the ANT build.xml file.

To do this on HTTP(s) proxy settings simply add a entry build.xml. The setproxy has the following attributes:

  • proxyhost – Required. The host name or IP address of the proxy server
  • proxyport – Required. The port number being used by the proxy server
  • proxyuser – Optional. The proxy server username if required
  • proxypassword – Optional. The proxy server password for the specified username

It is recommended that you do not hardcode passwords in the build.xml but pass them in using an environment variable instead (similar to the secrets.password in the examples below). If you’re using a CI tool this can be held securely as an encrypted value in the CI tools credential management.

Example 2: Proxy with username and password

Defining FTP and Socks Proxy entries for execution on server

The ANT mode above only supports HTTP proxy settings, for HTTP, FTP, and Socks this can be set by adding an ANT_OPTS environment variable with the appropriate settings:


http.proxyHost (default: )

http.proxyPort (default: 80 if http.proxyHost specified)

http.nonProxyHosts (default:

ftp.proxyHost (default: )

ftp.proxyPort (default: 80 if ftp.proxyHost specified)

ftp.nonProxyHosts (default: )



socksProxyPort (default: 1080)

For a full list of the latest ANT arguments for Proxy specification please see the Oracle documentation.

Defining PAC proxy entries for execution on server

PAC proxy execution on server is not currently supported, please contact your Provar account manager to discuss your requirement and alternative solutions to implement.

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