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Introducing NitroX(beta)

NitroX is now available as a Beta feature (enabled via a feature flag) with the release of Provar Automation 2.10.2. It offers a range of powerful capabilities to enhance reusability, improve the robustness of locators, create custom component libraries, and custom interactions through an extensible framework for custom Lightning Web Components.

Key features:

  1. Improved Reusability: NitroX empowers you to build reusable testing components, enabling you to efficiently create modular Test Cases. With NitroX, you can reduce redundancy, save time, and streamline your testing efforts.
  2. Robust Locators: NitroX introduces advanced techniques to ensure the robustness and reliability of locators. You can Say goodbye to brittle tests due to unstable element identification. NitroX helps make your locators more resilient, leading to more stable and reliable tests.
  3. Custom Component Libraries: Take control of your testing ecosystem with NitroX’s custom component library feature. You can now create your own NitroX Packages of reusable components, making it easier to maintain and reuse elements across multiple tests.
  4. Extensible Framework: NitroX provides an extensible framework that allows you to extend standard component Provar support to define and customize interactions tailored to your application’s specific needs. This flexibility enables seamless integration with your unique test scenarios, adapting to your needs and ensuring optimal test coverage.
  5. Enhanced Execution Performance: With NitroX, expect a significant boost in execution performance, resulting in faster test runs. Experience up to a 50% improvement with exponentially faster execution speed when compared to PageObjects, allowing you to complete testing cycles more efficiently.
  6. Improved Element Mapping: NitroX introduces advanced algorithms to simplify and optimise element mapping. This helps reduce locator rework and ensures accurate identification of elements, saving you valuable time and effort.
  7. Reduced Maintenance: NitroX minimizes the maintenance overhead associated with traditional PageObjects. By leveraging its advanced capabilities, you can reduce the effort required to update and maintain your tests, making changes once instead of multiple places, allowing you to focus on delivering high-quality software.
  8. Accelerated Delivery of Changes: With NitroX, enjoy automatic updates that accelerate the delivery of changes. Keep up with the evolving nature of your application and effortlessly incorporate updates into your tests, enabling faster releases and smoother workflows.

Some terms to become familiar with

  • To distinguish between different NitroX artifacts and to combine relevant NitroX artifacts together, a NitroX Package is defined to support a particular library, platform or technology and contains a collection of components that are relative to what the package is providing support for.
  • A FACT component is a definition of a known web element on a web page which is highly extendable to provide your own customisations and consists of attributes, interactions and nested elements.
  • A custom FACT component is what is generated in your test project when you map an element which has met the NitroX criteria and produced a file(s) in the /fact directory within your test project.

NitroX currently supports the Salesforce Custom Lightning Web Components. In future releases, we aim to support Salesforce OminStudio (Industry Clouds), Screen flows and Experience Cloud

To get NitroX up and running, check the following:

We invite you to explore NitroX in its beta release and take advantage of its innovative features. Your feedback is vital in shaping the future of this powerful feature. Share your thoughts, suggestions, and experiences with us as we work together to refine and optimize NitroX

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