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Guide in Salesforce CPQ Testing in Provar

Salesforce CPQ (formerly Steelbrick) is a Configure-Price-Quote solution built on Salesforce Lightning. Salesforce CPQ has certain elements that make it a challenge to test using standard automation methods such as Selenium. This page shows a step-by-step guide to Salesforce CQP testing in Provar easily.

How does Provar Support Salesforce CPQ Testing?

These tags are visible in the page’s HTML. This makes them resistant to testing using traditional locators such as Field IDs and XPaths. While CSS locators can work, they tend to be brittle and complex to construct.

Provar has been extended to support and offer a guide in Salesforce CPQ testing on several fronts, with a specialized type of locator available for buttons, links, and text fields. Provar also supports testing Salesforce CPQ tables, tabs, and standard screens.

Support for Salesforce CPQ v216.8

Provar supports the mapping and execution of Salesforce CPQ v216.8. Earlier versions of Salesforce CPQ used Shadow DOM elements which Salesforce removed without prior notice in the 216.x versions. Provar has resolved the issues reported to date and extended support for the By Salesforce CPQ to include the following CPQ screens:

  • Choose Price Book
  • Edit Quote:
    • Fields and buttons
    • Table mapping
    • Action icons
  • Favorite Lookup: Table and button support
  • Product Selection:
    • Table
    • Search Product
    • Buttons
    • Filter
  • Configure Product:
    • Buttons and Tables
    • Tab Option Layout
    • Wizard Option Layout
    • Section Options Layout
    • Filter Screen and buttons
    • Options in Category
    • Section Option with Tab

Testing Salesforce CPQ

Salesforce CPQ pages can be mapped in the usual way using the Test Builder. Provar will recognize standard Salesforce functionality and map it using standard Salesforce layouts.

Mapping Standard CPQ Fields

Standard CPQ fields can be mapped in the usual way using the Test Builder. Note that standard CPQ fields will use Provar’s standard Salesforce locators:

how to map Standard CPQ Fields in Provar

Below is the same step in Provar Desktop.

1st step in mapping Salesforce CPQ fields using Provar builder

And in Test Runner.

testing Salesfroce CPQ in Provar

Mapping Custom CPQ Fields

Custom CPQ fields can also be mapped using the Test Builder. Provar offers default By Salesforce CPQ locators when mapping custom Salesforce CPQ fields.

Below is a draft test step mapping Test Builder’s Additional Dis. (%) field.

guide in mapping custom CPQ fields

Below is the corresponding On Screen test step in Provar Desktop.

guide in mapping custom CPQ fields in Provar desktop

A Visualforce Page Page Object will be created for custom CPQ fields.

screenshot of Visualforce Page Page Object for custom CPQ fields

Locators with the annotation @SteelBrickBy(fieldSetTableItem = “*****”) will be created for each CPQ field to identify them uniquely in the Page Object.

Below is the above field in the Page Object Editor view:

above field in the Page Object Editor view in Provar

And, in the Java Source view.

java source view of Page Object Editor view in Provar

Mapping Salesforce CPQ Tables

Provar also supports the testing of Salesforce CPQ tables.

The Test Builder automatically recognizes the Salesforce CPQ Table in the Product Selection example below, offering a specialized By Salesforce CPQ locator.

provar supports mapping Salesforce CPQ tables

The corresponding With Row step is represented in Provar Desktop, showing the new Table mapped in the screenshot above.

sample of new table mapped in Provar desktop

This Table appears as follows in the Page Object Editor view.

sample of table appeared in Page Object View after mapping Salesforce CPQ

In the Java Source view.

Java Source view of mapping Salesforce QPQ tables

And in the Test Runner.

test runner view of mapping Salesforce QPQ tables in Provar

Provar also recognizes embedded blocks, as in the example below in Test Builder.

example of Provar Test build that also recognizes embedded blocks

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