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Reintroduction of CLI license Check

We will be enforcing the license check for CLI executions. It is highly recommended that all users ensure they have a valid license for any CLI execution. 

To ensure a seamless experience, we advise all users to test the CLI license validation. This will allow you to proactively address potential challenges in your local or server environment before we enforce the mandatory license check in future releases. Find more information here.


1. What is a CLI license check?

In a similar way that Provar Automation Studio checks for a valid license to work, Provar CLIs (ANT and ProvarDX) check for a valid license to execute tests.

2. What will be the impact of this change, and how has it been working so far? 

In case of an invalid or missing license, Provar was previously allocating a temporary license and showing a warning during execution. With the introduction of this change, Provar is no longer allocating a temporary license in case of an invalid or missing license.

3. How can I ensure my CLI setup is correct? 

This feature is enabled and enforced from version 2.11.3 onwards. Please, check the licensing error message shown in the logs of CLI execution. You can also contact our Success team to discuss the challenge you are facing.

4. What license-related errors could happen during CLI executions? 

The following license-related reasons could cause an execution to fail:

  • The user has no license
  • The user has an invalid or expired license
  • The user license is already in use
  • The license server is not whitelisted in the firewall or proxy server

5. I have a Linux server machine. What is the default location to keep the license file? 

The license should be placed in the {UserHome}/Provar/.licenses folder

  • Find User Home location on Linux – $ echo $HOME
  • Copy the license file at the User Home location on Linux – cp ~/Provar/.licenses/

6. What happens if I already have a valid CLI execution license configured? 

No action is needed. You are good with your setup.

7. How many execution licenses are required to run N number of jobs? 

Each test execution job consumes a license while it’s running, hence N number of licenses will be required for N number of concurrent jobs.

8. How will Provar handle multiple execution licenses in the same license folder? 

Users can add multiple licenses from the same license window, and Provar always looks for the next license until it finds a valid license.

9. What does the error “The floating license server is not currently available” mean? 

This error indicates that either the license server is not whitelisted, it is blocked via proxy, or the server is down.

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