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Configuring Provar Manager


Every Provar Manager user must have a Provar Manager license assigned to them.
To manage licenses in Salesforce, click Setup > Apps > Packaging > Installed

Under Package Name, you can see an entry for Provar Manager. Click Manage Licenses to add/remove licenses for users.


Provar Manager includes a variety of permission sets and permission set groups that can be assigned to users depending on the way they may need to use the application.

Follow the Managing Permission Set Assignments article instructions to assign the permission set to your licensed users

Permission Set Groups
Provar Manager AdminProvides complete access to Provar Manager
QAOpsProvides complete access to Provar’s Test
Management and Operations capabilities
Release and Test ManagementProvides complete access to Provar’s Release and
Test Management capabilities
Permission Sets
Provar Manager – Release ManagementProvides complete access to the Provar Release
Manager app, projects, releases, sprints, and issues
Provar Manager – Test ManagementProvides complete access to the Provar Test
Management app, test projects and plans, test suites
and cases, defects, test cycles, and executions
Provar Manager – Release and Test
Management Link
Provides complete access to link Test Cases to Issues
Provar Manager – Test OperationsProvides complete access to the Provar Test
Operations app, environments, systems, VCS,
repositories, and schedules
Provar Manager – SettingsProvides full access to the Provar Manager Settings
app and People
Provar Manager – APIAllows access to read and create API Requests


Some settings and features can only be configured in the Provar Manager Setup page. Read below for a description of each one

Metadata Connection Settings

Suppose you want Provar Manager to perform any of the following tasks automatically. In that case, you must establish a connection between Provar Manager and the Salesforce org, where it is installed using the Salesforce Connection Assistant.

  • Create remote site settings after establishing connections to external Salesforce org, which can be used to trigger unit tests and retrieve code coverage reports.
  • Understand what Provar Manager plugins are installed so it can show on the Plugins Marketplace page if there are newer versions of the installed plugins.
Provar Manager AI Settings

If you want to leverage your OpenAI account to use Provar Manager’s AI capabilities (e.g., BDD test case generation or root cause analysis report generation), enter your OpenAI API Key and click Save Settings.

Provar Manager API Settings

Even though external applications can leverage Salesforce’s API to interact with Provar Manager’s data, Provar Manager comes with a custom-built API to provide easier and smoother integrations.

By enabling the Provar Manager API, external systems can send requests, such as run Apex unit tests on the SIT sandbox or run Provar tests on the QA environment using Chrome and Edge, which are then picked up on an ongoing basis by a background process.

Subsequently, external systems can use the Provar Manager API to inquire about the status of their requests.

The API provides three authentication methods:

  • None – This is used only if external systems cannot use any other method.
  • API Key – The most straightforward method uses an API Key generated by
    Provar Manager instead of user authentication.
  • OAuth 2.0 – This is the recommended option because of its superior security,
    but it requires external systems to perform more complex authentication

See the section How to integrate with Provar Manager > Provar Manager API for more
information on how to set it up.

Provar Grid Settings

If you want to use Provar Grid, Provar’s scalable cloud test execution platform, please enter the credentials you have been given.

Deletion Policy Settings

If you want to limit the amount of data stored in Provar Manager to make sure your data storage stays under the limit, you can configure these data deletion policies and click Save Settings:

  • Delete Test Cycles Older Than: Set a number if you want Provar Manager to automatically delete test cycles (along with their test executions and test step executions) older than the set number of days.
  • Delete Test Step Executions Older Than: Set a number if you want Provar Manager to automatically delete test step executions (along with their attached files) older than the set number of days.
  • Delete Coverage Reports Older Than: Set a number if you want Provar Manager to automatically delete coverage reports older than the set number of days.


Provar Manager acts as a Quality Hub, connecting to other essential tools used during the software release lifecycle, such as release management apps, DevOps tools, code quality scanning apps, or test automation tools.

Use the Plugins Marketplace to browse the available plugins by category, find more information about them, and install them in your org.

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