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Support for Existing MS OAuth Email Connection

This feature enables users to utilize OAuth connections for Email Configuration (For Run Under ANT) by selecting an existing Microsoft Exchange or Microsoft Graph OAuth connection within the project.

OAuth 2.0

Step 1:  Start the email configuration process by right-clicking on any test case in Provar and selecting Run under ANT.

This will prompt the following menu: 

Above: Snapshot of Email connection type

Step 2: From here, select the Email tab, and in the bottom right, select Email Configuration.

Step 3: Choose the Authentication value as OAuth 2.0. We have added connection types for MS Exchange and Microsoft Graph. The existing connections for MS Exchange OAuth and MS Graph OAuth (Email As) are provided as options in Connection Name based on the Environment selected.

Above: Snapshot of OAuth Email Configuration 

Step 4: Click on the Test connection before continuing. An example of a successful test connection is shown below.

Note: A new environment is introduced to link an email account for sending emails. The environment is bound to the specific environment and will filter out the list of connection names based on the environment selected and cannot be parameterized.

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