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Execution Environment Security Configuration


This support article provides information about the run-time configuration options and the approaches available to set these using either a system environment variable or a command line argument.

The most typical way to store the environment configuration parameters, such as web services credentials, is to set these directly in Automation through the UI.  These are then encrypted and stored within the Automation configuration files.

For test execution server environments, setting these values directly on the server rather than in the Automation configuration is preferred. This will provide enhanced security as an administrator can now set these authentication credentials without storing them in end users’ Automation files.

Order of Precedence

When multiple methods for configuring the same authentication parameter are available, the following order of precedence is used:

  1. Command line switch
  2. System environment variable
  3. Configuration through the Automation user interface

Note: Not all settings will offer all three methods of configuration. For example, some will offer only UI-based configuration, while some will offer the ability to set by an environment variable or a command line, but not both. 

Authentication Configuration Parameters 

Some authentication configuration parameters are given below.

Web Service Certificate Authentication

Web Service Basic Authentication

Web Service OAuth Authentication

Web Service OAuth Client Authentication

Web Service API Key Authentication

AWS Authentication

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