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Flosum Integration Introduction

This support article will guide you through setting up your Flosum Pipeline integration to integrate with a Jenkins Server. Although Jenkins is recommended and will be used in this guide, you can replace Jenkins with any other CI/CD tool that supports external webhook triggers on jobs where Automation can be executed.

In summary, the integration will include a pipeline in Flosum that executes a webhook callout to a Jenkins server job that runs a suite of Automation tests.

Prerequisites in Flosum Integration

A valid Flosum license.

  1. A Salesforce org with the Flosum managed package installed. The user that initializes the integration with Flosum will need to be added as a licensed user to the installed Flosum package. (Flosum Support can assist with this step). 

Note: The setup of Flosum Integration for your Salesforce org is beyond the scope of this guide.

  1. An Automation project with at least one test case.
  2. An (optional) version control system (VCS) is already set up. This is optional. However, we will be integrating with a VCS in this guide.
  3. Jenkins Server that can be accessed from your Salesforce org.

Other Support Articles for Reference

To learn more, refer to the Amazon Web Service (AWS) & Jenkins Configuration and Running Automation tests on Jenkins support articles, including information about the suggested AWS and Jenkins configuration instructions.

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