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Selenium 4 Upgrade

In The latest Provar Spring ‘24 Release 2 the Selenium and related dependencies have been upgraded to version 4.16.1. It provides enhanced test automation features, more reliable testing capabilities and delivers better quality test scripts.

This upgrade is expected to have an impact on users, who use existing PageObjects, Page Operations, Custom APIs, or SSO Java files. If that’s the case, 

It could be necessary for users to make a few minor adjustments to classes and functions after installing the latest Provar release. Kindly consult the following table.

Note: The users won’t be able to compile the class or have some compilation error in the Page objects.

Here’s an example of how to encounter and fix issues caused by the Selenium upgrade. 


  1. Click on refresh and recompile. Users can refer to the Problems tab for any compilation errors.

  2. Now, we make the necessary changes according to the error. As in this example it was due to ‘ElementNotVisibleException’ and replaced it with the ‘ElementNotInteractableException’

Note: Users can make use of Editor tools to make changes in multiple files. 

Note: A project created using the latest version of Selenium will not support Command Line Interface (CLI) operations backwards.

If you have any questions regarding the changes specified or encounter any error not mentioned in this help page. Please contact us and get in touch by simply logging into the Provar Success Portal and selecting Raise a Case or reaching out directly to your dedicated Customer Success Specialist. 

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