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Spring ‘24 Release 1

Executive Summary

We’re excited to announce the latest updates to the Provar product suite with our Spring ‘24 Release 1. This latest release is now available for installation via the Provar Success Portal. This release includes compatibility with the Salesforce Spring ‘24 release to keep your tests working as expected. 

Salesforce Spring ‘24 Changes

ICU-related date time changes

This is a significant change from Salesforce in Spring ’24. Users might notice ICU-specific changes in date-time formats, such as adding commas after the date, etc. Provar already handles ICU-related date-time changes for users leveraging Provar’s built-in date-time editors. However, it’s important to note that any hardcoded values in expression editors or variables may require updating. Find more information here.

Salesforce CPQ & FSL Spring ’24 package version 248

Provar is compatible with the newest release of the Spring ’24 CPQ & FSL package version 248. Users can upgrade to these latest packages without disrupting their test cases.

Provar Automation Features

Extract and Assert Dynamic Form Layout

The Extract and Assert Layout API has been enhanced to extract field information from dynamic forms for Salesforce objects. The Extract Layout API now provides the option to extract Dynamic Form Layout, Record Page Layout, or both. The Dynamic Form option retrieves information only for record types for which dynamic forms are enabled. Dynamic Form extraction includes additional information, such as UI Behavior and Visibility criteria for fields and sections. When selecting the Record Layout option, it retrieves information for all record types. These Extract API enhancements aim to enhance the validation and assertion of field layout information. Find more information here.

Support for JWT Connection Type

To improve security and make it easier to execute tasks using the Command Line Interface (CLI) without disclosing private connection information in the Secret file of a Version Control System (VCS). Provar Automation now allows Provar users to establish a connection with Provar Manager using the JSON Web Token (JWT) OAuth connection type. The goal of this connection is to emulate the Salesforce JWT OAuth. The design adheres to Provar Automation’s established norms and expands the capabilities of Provar Manager connections to include JWT OAuth authentication. Find more information here.

Support for Actions & Recommendation Component with Custom Templates

Provar now extends its support for Actions and Recommendations (formerly known as Guided Actions) to custom templates. This means this feature is now seamlessly mapped and executed on all flexi pages, whether standard or custom templates. It applies to both Sales and Console applications.

The significant enhancement here is that Actions and Recommendations are now region-independent, offering flexibility across various templates. If you have older tests, you can easily update them using the utility to leverage this cross-template support.

Provar Automation Enhancements

Grouping Multiple Test Steps for Drag and Drop in Test Builder

Users can easily bundle together multiple Test Steps. This feature minimizes the steps required to add and organize several elements within a test case. Select multiple Test Steps and assemble them to form a group; the selected Test Steps will be nested in the same sequence as shown in the Test Case in the newly created group.

Clone, Disable, or Delete Test Steps 

Provar users can now clone, disable, and delete multiple Test Steps from their Test Builder simultaneously. This feature seeks to improve workflow by removing the requirement to eliminate Test Steps one at a time. When numerous Test Steps are selected, users can select the desirable option.

Corrected Differences in Date/Time Format Called from a Database

The date/time format, as pulled from the DB, was found to be using a SimpleDateFormat and, as such, was fixed to GMT, causing issues when used in different time zones. This has been resolved, and the date/times retrieved from a DB accurately reflect the correct time zone.

Asserting Multiple Lines of Text Now Supported on Mac

Mac users can now correctly assert across multiple lines of text where variables are used. This had previously been identified as a limitation for Mac users.

DB Read Queries Stored as a List

The DB read step now supports reading a list of variables as returned from the DB. Previously, this was limited to showing only the last value in the list.

Dynamic Loading of List Views

Implemented improvements to handle dynamic loading of list views, ensuring smooth scrolling to the last element for enhanced usability.

Winter ’24 Metadata Loading for SSO Connections

Addressed in Winter ’24 changes related to metadata loading for Single Sign-On (SSO) and MFA connections, ensuring seamless functionality.

Enhanced Special Character Handling

Improved the handling of special characters ‘&’ in user profile names for better compatibility and data integrity.

Improved Field Permissions Handling

Improvements have been implemented to handle field-level permissions more effectively, ensuring accuracy when loading metadata in the org browser for scenarios where object and field-level permissions differ for users.

Platform Updates

Build Versioning Change

We have modified the versioning of build links by removing the minor versions from the download links. Kindly update any pipelines using major and minor versions, or consider using the latest tags.




Browser Compatibility Updates

As part of our pre-release testing, we have confirmed that Automation v2.12.1 is compatible with Chrome version 120.

Why is this important?

Ensuring that Automation v2.12.1 includes ChromeDriver 120 and is compatible with Chrome 120 eliminates the risk of incompatibility issues, which could prevent test cases from working as expected.

How can I use this?

If you want to start using Chrome 120, we recommend upgrading to Provar Automation v2.12.1, which will use ChromeDriver 120 out of the box.

Automation will automatically attempt to download the correct ChromeDriver if it detects a driver exception. If your organization’s security protocols block the automatic download, you can override the ChromeDriver manually. 

To downgrade or revert the ChromeDriver, refer to this support article that explains how to use a ChromeDriver that differs from the one provided by default in your Provar Automation installation.

Browser and Driver Combinations Recommended for Provar Automation v2.12.1

For a comprehensive guide, please refer to the Browser and Driver Recommendations support article.

Note: If a user is using Apache POI libraries in their own custom APIs, they should upgrade to version 5.2.2 with the Provar v2.12.1 upgrade. Please see the Apache POI documentation for the changes. 

University of Provar 

New Microlearning Courses: “Essential QA Resources” and “How to Ask for QA Resources.”

University of Provar (UP) has launched two new microlearning courses. Take these courses to discover the best QA resources and how to ask management for QA support!

Customer Support

Providing ongoing support is our promise to you. If you have any questions regarding this release, please contact us anytime; we are happy to help. To get in touch, simply login to the Provar Success Portal and select ‘Raise a Case’, or reach out directly to your dedicated Customer Success Specialist. 

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