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Assert Test Step

This test step compares the supplied values, failing the test if unsuccessful.  

Drag the Assert test step from the Test Palette into your test case.

Then, update the parameters as follows and save the test case.

  • Result: The actual value
  • Target: The value that is expected
  • Operator: See comparison type for the supported comparison types (EqualTo, LessThan, etc.)
  • Failure Message: The message that should be logged if the comparison fails
  • Case Sensitive: Whether the comparison should be case-sensitive or not.  If false then abc = ABC will assert successfully
  • Keep trailing zeros: Whether the comparison keeps trailing zeroes when comparing numbers. By default, trailing zeroes are trimmed, e.g., 1.0 becomes 1
  • Nulls are Greater: Whether unpopulated (or null) values should be treated as greater than non-null values.  If true, then ‘a < null’ will assert successfully
  • Match Multi-line: The Multiline flag for Regular Expressions
  • Match dot all: The DotAll flag for Regular Expressions


Actual Value Comparison Expected Value Relevant Checkbox Result
25 Greater Than 24 True – Success
1 Equals 1.0 Keep trailing zeros = false True – Success
abc Contains Abcd True – Success
ABCD Equals abcd Case Sensitive = false True – Success
Abcd Matches bc True – Success
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