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Release Management

Provar Manager includes a Release Management module, which can be used to track projects, issues (e.g., epics, user stories), releases, and sprints.

Teams can choose to leverage this module as it is if they don’t have a release management tool already or integrate Manager with external tools like Jira or Azure DevOps to bring information that will be relevant for software quality purposes.

You can open the Release Management app from the App drawer in Salesforce:

Project Management

You can create new Projects or import existing ones into Manager from the Projects tab. Note: This document will not explain how to integrate with 3rd party release management tools.

To create a new project, click the New button, enter a Project Name, select Provar as the Release Management Tool, select a Project Lead, and click Save.

From the Project record, you can manage its related issues, releases, and sprints. You can also find some reports and settings as well.

Project Issue Types

Provar projects come with a default list of issue types:

  • Epics track collections of related bugs, stories, and tasks.
  • Stories track functionality or features expressed as user goals.
  • Tasks track small, distinct pieces of work.
  • Bugs track problems or errors.

If you require Manager to create a different list of issue types, disable the Add Project Issue Types flow and replace it with your own.

Issue Management

You can create new Issues from the corresponding Project record or the Issues tab.

Every issue requires a Summary, Issue Type, and Project. Fill in the Parent Issue field with the appropriate epic record to relate stories to epics.

You can manage child or linked issues, sprints, and releases from the issue record page. You can also track the issue’s relationships with test cases, defects, and metadata components.

Issue Kanban View

If you want to see your issues in a Kanban View, please follow the steps below:

  • Go to the Issues tab
  • Click the cog icon on the right side of the search input, and select the option New.
  • Enter a List Name (e.g., your project name), select the appropriate level of visibility, and click Save.
  • (Optional) If you only want to see the issues on a particular project, use the Filters sections on the right to filter by project.

Release and Sprint Management

Releases and Sprints can be managed from their respective tabs in the Provar Release Management application or through any project record.

You can assign Issues to them after creating a Release or Sprint record.

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