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Mapping and Executing the Lightning Article Editor in Provar

Provar users can now map and execute the Lightning Article Editor, improving the ability to test knowledge articles efficiently. The Lightning Article Editor provides a more intuitive and robust editing experience, while Provar’s integration assures smooth interaction and validation of its features. By leveraging Provar’s mapping and execution capabilities with the Lightning Article Editor, you can enhance your testing of knowledge articles and ensure high accuracy and reliability in your testing workflows.

Supported Functionality

Provar supports the following functionalities of the Lightning Article Editor:

  • Setting values in the editor
  • Assertion of values in both editable and non-editable modes
  • Interaction with expand and collapse features
  • Ensuring backward compatibility with legacy scripts using the old rich text editor

Use Provar’s mapping capabilities to set and clear values in the Rich Text Editor. Assert values for the editor in both editable and non-editable modes. Validate multiline text inputs for setting and asserting values. Test expand and collapse interactions within the editor.

  1. Right-click and select Add to testcase for the Lightning article editor.

  2. Add multiline text values and assert them easily.

  3. Interaction Type is supported for both the expand and collapse menus.

Legacy Support

Provar ensures that existing scripts using the old rich text editor continue functioning seamlessly with the upgraded Lightning Article Editor. This backward compatibility allows for a smooth transition without impacting existing testing processes. 

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