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Provar Feature Flags and Properties Configuration

This help page explains how to configure feature flags and properties in the file.  This file can be used to enable or disable features as well as customise their behaviour without requiring high-level security access. The scope of the article includes checking the file for Instrumentation, NitroX, and CLI licences.

Setting up the File


During the initial launch of Provar, a .properties folder with a blank file is created in the Provar UserHome(UserHome/Provar) directory. If the folder and file already exist, no action is taken.

Configurable File Path

The path to the file is configurable for ANT/ProvarDx files, including the Test Plan. The preference of the ANT argument for the file path remains the same as the first priority.

Note:  If multiple instances of Provar are installed, the same configuration file will be used for all instances.

Feature Flags and Properties Configuration

Start-up Properties

The properties defined in the file are read and set at application start-up. To apply any new property changes, the application needs to be restarted.

Project Root Level Override

Users can create a file at the project root level to override any properties in the Provar UserHome. Manual creation of this file is required. Restarting the application is necessary to apply the changes.

Priority of Flag Values

The priority order for flag values is as follows:

ANT Argument > Project > ProvarUserHome(UserHome/Provar) > Provar.ini

The Provar UserHome directory contains a .properties folder along with a blank file during the Provar launch. The file contains the feature flags to switch features on/off and properties related to their configuration. This file can be used across multiple compatible Provar releases if multiple instances are installed on the system.

System Properties for Instrumentation

Use the following system properties for Instrumentation: Set this boolean property to enable or disable analytics logging. Set this string property to specify the analytics logging server.

System Properties for NitroX

Use the following system properties for NitroX:

com.provar.fact.mapping.enabled: Set this property to enable or disable fact mapping.

Above: Snapshot of NitroX when the override entry is false.

System Property for Docker Runner

Use the following system property for Docker Runner: Set this boolean property to enable or disable Docker Runner.

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