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Test Cycle Support for Test Plans

Users can now configure their ANT jobs to execute tests and retry only failed or failed and skipped tests, enhancing their testing efficiency and reducing manual effort. This feature provides greater control over test execution retries, ensuring a smoother testing process.

Configuration Option

There are 3 Test cycle options available For the Test plan and Test plan folder:

  • Run all tests
  • Run failed Test Cases
  • Run failed and skipped Test cases

For all types of executions, users will receive a consolidated PDF report at the end of each execution. In the case of ‘Run all tests’ with 0 re-runs, the user will receive a report with a Pass and Failed test case.

Users can apply these retry settings directly to Test Plans and Test Plan folders when creating an ANT build file, streamlining the test execution workflows.

  1. Verify the test cycle tab for the Test Plan and Test Plan folder.
  1. Report Generation for Test Plan
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