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Optimizing Org and Connection Metadata Processing in Provar

We have enhanced Provar Automation performance by optimizing Org and Connection metadata processing. This initiative focuses on reviewing and optimizing these processes to reduce the time for initial metadata download and processing significantly.

The goal was to evaluate the present processing techniques for Org and Connection information in Provar and identify areas for improvement to optimize the processing workflow. Optimizations were made to minimize the time necessary for metadata download and processing.

Implementation Process

  • Observe the current metadata processing workflows in Provar.
  • Measure and document the reduction in processing time achieved through optimizations.
  • Ensure the optimizations are seamlessly integrated into Provar’s automation framework without causing disruptions or compatibility issues.

The validation of the adjustments made in this second phase to improve the downloading metadata was verified for the following:

  • Org browser loading
  • Metadata download process
  • Mapping in standard lightning and flexi components

On the new connection metadata download, we have observed an improvement in the loading of the org browser, which varies depending on the org data. There is also some improvement in the first mapping in Test builder.

The org browser load action is 40% faster on average than phase 1 for our internal orgs and 46% faster than the previous implementation before the metadata phase 1 optimization process. We also noticed a 60% improvement in the client project compared to phase 1, with an overall improvement in loading the org browser in 75% less time. 


We ran several automation packs across multiple applications to assess the execution impact. There are no new failures or serious impacting issues.

By optimizing the processing of Org and Connection metadata in Provar, you can experience significant improvements in automation performance, leading to faster and more efficient test execution.

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