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Docker Runner

Docker Runner is a utility that provides the capability to check and stabilize execution on cloud platforms such as Azure, GitHub Actions, Gitlab etc. which widely use Linux containers to perform tasks. With its easy and simple setup, Docker Runner offers an efficient integration with Docker, by avoiding the complexity associated with its setup.

Note: We are delivering an experimental feature for seeking feedback from customers before general availability while we add additional features to this capability.

Provar’s Customer Success and Innovation team developed this feature with a custom utility (jar). This is a great example of the power of Provar Automation and how you can extend the platform.

Use of ProvarLabs prototypes is not recommended for production test project purposes and may void any warranties. ProvarLabs prototypes should only be used on non-production copies of your Provar Automation projects to test the functionality provided and provide feedback. These prototypes have not completed the beta testing phase and pose a higher-than-normal risk for bugs. We may enhance, withdraw or replace prototype features based on extended testing and feedback gathered. Do not rely on these features as part of your test automation.


  • Docker Desktop should be installed, up & running.
  • Set-up requires system properties to enable the Docker Runner

Steps to execute the test case with Docker

Step 1: Open the homepage of Provar.

Above: Snapshot of Provar homepage.

Step 2: Select the Test case from the Navigator section. Click Test Case and right click on the test case and select Run With from the section and click on Docker.

Above: Snapshot of Run With Docker in right-click section.

Step 3: A Docker execution dialog box, the user can go to the Details section and select the test case in the Select field and click on Metadata and logging and verify the information and in the Email section user can select if they want the test report through Email.

The rest of the fields could be with the default values.

Above: Snapshot of Docker execution dialog.

Step 4: Click Run to run the test case with docker.

Above: Snapshot of Run folder.

Step 5: Right-click on the test plan in the Navigator section and select Export as Docker build file. Users can select the test plan in the Detail section in Export as a Docker build file and select metadata cache in the Folders and logging and click on Export.

Above: Snapshot of Export as docker build file.

Known Limitations

This beta feature has the following known limitations and we would appreciate customer feedback at provarlabs if this is of interest or if you would like to participate in a discussion on this feature:

  • Currently, the prototype is only working on the Chrome browser.
  • Local Group Policy should be disabled.
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