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Selenium Grid 4 Connection for Script Execution

Provar Automation users can now benefit from using Selenium Grid 4 connections for distributed test execution. Users can execute any Provar Automation scripts on the latest Selenium Grid version 4, taking advantage of its improved scalability, enhanced performance, and flexible test configuration capabilities. The new option for Selenium Grid 4 has been added to the list along with the existing Selenium Grid 3 support.

Above: Snapshot of Browser Provider selection.

Follow these steps to link with Selenium Grid 4 and run your Provar scripts on the most recent version of Selenium Grid.

Step 1. Go to the Browser Providers in Test Settings to add a new Browser Provider.

Step 2. Create a new Selenium Grid 4 connection and configure the browser details.

Step 3. After entering all of the necessary information, click the OK button to save the Selenium Grid 4 connection.

Now you can select this Selenium Grid configuration and run your Provar tests using the newly formed Selenium Grid 4 browser. This ensures that your Provar scripts run on the most recent version of Selenium Grid (Selenium Grid 4).

Above: Snapshot of Selenium Grid 4 running sessions.

Prerequisite :
The user should have Selenium Grid 4 hub and node running and connected

Legacy Selenium Grid 3 connections

The Selenium Grid connections have been renamed Selenium Grid 3 to distinguish them from the new Selenium Grid 4 connections.

Legacy Selenium Grid 3 connections will continue to operate normally, allowing you to run Provar scripts on Selenium Grid 3, by providing Selenium Grid 4 as a new option and mapping legacy Selenium Grid 3 connections. Provar allows customers to benefit from Selenium Grid 4 without having to upgrade Provar’s Selenium version to Selenium 4.

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