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Writing Data to CSV in Provar using Write API


Data management is important at Provar. We added the capability to our Write API to allow users to write data into CSV files, like writing data into Excel files. These new features and capabilities that have been implemented to make writing CSV data easier are explained in this article.

Data Store URL Options

To support CSV file writing, we introduced an additional option in the Data Store URL. When selecting CSV, the following fields appear, along with their corresponding renamed versions:

  • File
  • Debug File Write
  • Mode
  • Replace the content
  • Append the content
  • Update the content based on the condition

The options under this selection are the same as those currently available for Excel.

Data Format and Validation

The data format for CSV data writing should be provided as a list similar to that of Excel. Data integrity and correctness will be guaranteed by validation errors consistent with those for Excel Write.

File and Editor Options

CSV file and editor options are the same as those for Excel Write. This includes specifying relative or absolute paths for the CSV file and selecting various editor options.

Limitations and Special Cases

  • Users can update rows using match by position till the last row where data is present and its subsequent row for the named value list.
  • The user cannot update the values for unnamed lists for the CSV.
  • Users can write the named value data in CSV, but a nested name-value data list is a current limitation.

Match by Position, Match on Condition, and Match by Column behave as they do for Excel, ensuring consistency in data handling. The functional behavior for the Editor, files, and errors is the same as for Excel write.

We hope to provide our users additional flexibility and alternatives for handling their data by upgrading our Write API to support CSV file writing. This functionality expands Provar’s capabilities, assuring a consistent user experience.

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