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Running Tests and Reporting

Running Test Cases With Provar

To give you more flexibility, you can actually run test cases in a variety of ways using Provar. There are four main modes: Run, Debug, Test Builder and Run Under ANT. 

The Run mode can be considered as the official execution of your test. You should use the Run mode to sign off on a release. 

The Debug mode is designed to help you debug issues with a specific browser. In this mode, Breakpoints are enabled and variables are captured for debugging.

In general, you will run tests in the Test Builder while creating new tests or troubleshooting issues with a specific test.

Running tests under ANT mode allows you to run your test cases under ANT from within Provar. It is also useful for creating your Build.xml file to run your tests under ANT on a different machine, to save creating the Build.xml file manually.

You can learn more about running tests online here. 

Introduction to Test Runner

In the lower left of Provar Desktop, you can find the Test Runner tab. This provides a detailed output of the tests you have run. A new Test Run subtab is created for each separate Test Run. You can review the Test Runner after running tests to find important information about each test step such as if the test step passed or failed.

Exporting a Report

One of the most important aspects of tests is getting accurate and usable reports that you can then share with your peers to correct potential issues associated with new builds. 

With Provar, you can actually export that information in a variety of different ways. You can learn more about all of your options online here. In most instances, you will navigate to the Test Runner tab and click the arrow icon in the upper right corner. From there, you can select from a variety of options to specify the type of information you want and the format you need.

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