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Dynamic RL Mapping and Execution in Provar for Salesforce Testing

Within Salesforce, Provar users can develop and run test scripts that contain dynamic-related list interactions. Provar offers the ability to map and execute Salesforce Dynamic RL Single components, users can validate these interactions seamlessly within their test scenarios and utilize Provar for Salesforce Dynamic RL Single testing.

Above: Snapshot of Mapping as Dynamic RL

Above: Snapshot of Execution as Dynamic RL

Provar’s dynamic related list functionality covers a wide range of related list use cases. This feature has full support for interactions such as rows, columns, headers, and actions while remaining functionally equivalent to normal RL Single components.

Dynamic RL Mapping on View All screen

Users can seamlessly map and execute Dynamic RL elements on the View All screen. The Dynamic RL on the View All screen allows users to create fresh Dynamic form test cases and execute them.

The various features are as follows:

  • Enable users to map and execute Dynamic RL elements on the View All screen.
  • Allows support for all interactions for Dynamic RL that are available for RL single, including Row, Column, Actions, and Assertions.
  • Configure and customise the screen’s behaviour from the Provar Studio.
  • Maintain the functionality of Test Builder Edit, and generic RL support while using Dynamic RL.

Above: Snapshot of Test Step Parameters

Above: Snapshot of Main Page Mapping as Dynamic RL

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